Small Concert Hall Introduction

Small Concert Hall has 206 seats, a stage full of energy, the latest sound control and lighting facilities. It showcases numerous concerts, musicals, movies and theater to lead the town’s art culture and enrich your life with relaxation.

  • Small Concert Hall’s Total Area: 362.1 ㎡
  • Stage Size: 152.1㎡
  • Capacity: 206 Seats (including 4 priority seats)

Programs Operation

  • Concerts, musicals, theater plays and any other outstanding performances
  • Screening of excellence family movies
  • Hall rental services for group events and recitals


  • The Hall has the latest equipment and facility therefore it is able to support multi-purpose events.
  • It also provides skillful events with stage experts (lighting and sound).


  • Small Concert Hall’s stage area is 11m (width) x 8m (length) x 6m (height). It is designed to showcase smaller events and concerts.


  • Seats: 206 Seats (including 4 priority seats)
  • It has a control room, which manages lighting, sound control and stage machines.

Control Room

  • It has a CD player and a DVD player as a basic sound system and also has a sound system that can control sound machines for normal events and concerts.
  • Small Concert Hall’s lighting facility has a compact lighting system and it can also control multi-purpose theater stage works with its modern technology and latest facilities.